Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back Focus for PMW-EX1R

After much frustration and eye strain, I think we've nailed down an effective and trustworthy way to reliably adjust back focus on the Sony PMW-EX1R. Many thanks to Abel Cine for their helpful videos and the blogosphere for tips. We've compiled our own procedure sheet below. Btw, we found that any slight deviation from the process results in the camera telling you that the FB Adjust is good when, in fact, it's not. Camera-specific labels are bold and italicized.

1. LCD must be in the closed position.

2. LCD B.LIGHT switch (under top handle) must be set to OFF.

3. GAIN must be set to H (high).

4. Set Video Format to HQ 1920/60i.

5. Press and hold CANCEL button & SET/SEL wheel, then + MENU (while holding down CANCEL & SET/SEL wheel).

6. MN, RP and IF menus will appear below the OTHERS menu.

7. Back focus is in the MN menu, shown as Auto FB Adjust.

8. Mount the camera on a tripod, about 8 feet away from a star chart (light the star chart brightly!).

9. Zoom all the way in to the target and center it in the viewfinder.


11. Select Auto FB Adjust in the Maintenance menu.

12. Select Execute.

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