Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cine-Gear Expo 2011 - AJA Video Systems

Here is stuff I thought was cool:

The AJA ioXT will be available in December 2011. For approximately $1,495.00, you get:

-Single Link
-Dual Link
-Dual 3G
-Two Thunderbolt Ports

The AJA guys claim that the ioXT will be the only video conversion device that you will need to have, as it can accommodate all current technologies. They did caution me that this is NOT a media storage device and will horribly suck if one attempts to use it as such.

On the less expensive side from AJA Video Systems, the offer:

Optical Fiber to Video Converters, that can do SD, HD, and 3G-SDI. These go for $400.00-$600.00.


These are capable of up, down, and cross conversions. They can do SDI-HDMI and SDI-3D HDMI, respectively. Each goes for about $500.00

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