Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cine-Gear Expo 2011 - AAdyn Technology

This is the most impressive camera weather-proofing system that I've ever seen! While this entire package runs $1,375.00 USD, it is completely portable (even the tank of compressed air weighs no more than 3 lbs. and can be worn on a belt), surprisingly durable, and made domestically in the US! The coolest part is that the lens guard is hooked up to a High Pressure Air System (HPAS), which can clear the lens guard of dust or water droplets at the touch of a button. This lens guard is also adaptable to 15mm, 17mm, and 19mm rods.

Marc, the EVP/CFO of AAdyn Technology, has promised to send me a demonstration video of this system in action, along with a photo of James Cameron himself (director of The Terminator, Titanic, Avatar) using this system when he filmed up in Alaska. I promise to post these as soon as I receive them.

Cine-Gear Expo 2011 - Lens Porn

Fujinon 18-85mm / T2.0 (HK4.7x18)

This prototype has a native PL mount, covers a 35mm sensor, is very fast with a speed of T2! Amazing for a lens of this size! Only $85,000.00 USD and it's yours! It was such a big hit at NAB that they brought it to Cine-Gear Expo New York. I'm still drooling...

Cine-Gear Expo 2011 - Cinevate

Cinevate is smaller competitor to RedRock and Zacuto. They are based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I really liked what I saw, as well as the fact that they do most of their manufacturing and assembly in Canada.

First up, the Pegasus Table Dolly.

Available with a carbon rod system ($1,400.00 USD) or as a stand-alone ($900.00 USD), this table dolly has a 100mm bowl (a 75mm bowl adapter is available) and can support between 15 and 20 pounds.

Next, they have the Simplis Duo DSLR rig (with the 7D shown in the picture):

Made of machined aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastic, this rig is super-light (less than 10 pounds with the 7D mounted, and significantly lighter than the RedRock Shoulder-Mount Deluxe). I also like that the viewfinder sits higher than a Zacuto Z-Finder, allowing your hands to be in a more ergonomic position. The quick-release shown above supports a Bogen 501 plate, but is made of aluminum and is thus lighter than a similar Bogen quick-release. This rig goes for $574.00 USD without the viewfinder and is just over $1,000.00 USD with the viewfinder.

Saving the best for last, they have the Cyclops 5x View-Finder and the Durus 0.8 pitch Follow-Focus. These are pictured on what they call their "Core Rig".

The Core Rig shown here is with a 7D mounted. The Cyclops 5x Viewfinder is my favorite component. It has twice the capability of the Zacuto Z-Finder 2.5x and costs about the same (between $300.00 USD and $450.00 USD). Also the eye-cup is big enough for both eyes!

More info on these guys at
Email with any questions

Cine-Gear Expo 2011 - AJA Video Systems

Here is stuff I thought was cool:

The AJA ioXT will be available in December 2011. For approximately $1,495.00, you get:

-Single Link
-Dual Link
-Dual 3G
-Two Thunderbolt Ports

The AJA guys claim that the ioXT will be the only video conversion device that you will need to have, as it can accommodate all current technologies. They did caution me that this is NOT a media storage device and will horribly suck if one attempts to use it as such.

On the less expensive side from AJA Video Systems, the offer:

Optical Fiber to Video Converters, that can do SD, HD, and 3G-SDI. These go for $400.00-$600.00.


These are capable of up, down, and cross conversions. They can do SDI-HDMI and SDI-3D HDMI, respectively. Each goes for about $500.00